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Mystery Bags! šŸ‘½

$32 Precio regular $48


These mystery bags are valued at $48! You get 3 mystery Smunchies for the price of 2!

  • If you buy more than one mystery bag, you may receive duplicate items.
  • All sale items are final sale, no substitutions unless functionally defective.
  • Our Back to School / End of SummerĀ SaleĀ discount code does not apply to Mystery Bags

For your hands šŸ¤²

Pinch, smoosh, fidget & squeeze to your heart's content. Smunchies are designed with your wellness in mind providing an easy go-to for self-soothing and sensory processing.Ā 

We strive to curate luscious and soothing textures, colors, and patterns that deliver a sensory experience with just the right squish and give for tingle-worthy feels.

For your hair šŸ¦„

Smunchies offer all the benefits of your regular scrunchie or hair tie and more!

Our patent-pending squishy interior delivers an unexpected added lift & support keeping your hair way up and out of your way effortlessly.

Care Instructions šŸ«§

Each Smunchie's internal composition is quite delicate. In order to maintain optimal squishiness, and keep it clean, here are some 'Do's' & 'Don'ts' to follow:

āœ”ļøĀ DO :Ā Spot clean, hand wash gently, tumble dry or air dry

āœ–ļøĀ DON'T:Ā Submerge in water or machine wash

The interior foam will lose it's squishy effect if it is allowed to absorb water like a sponge.

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Mystery Bags! šŸ‘½

$32 Precio regular $48

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