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Care & Safety

Care Instructions


Each Smunchie's internal composition is quite delicate. In order to maintain optimal squishiness, and keep it clean, here are some 'Do's' & 'Don'ts' to follow:

✔️ DO : Spot clean, hand wash gently, tumble dry or air dry

✖️ DON'T: Submerge in water or machine wash

The interior foam will lose it's squishy effect if it is allowed to absorb water like a sponge.

Love Me, I'm Delicate!

We do our best to source the highest quality fabrics, elastics, and foam, but elastic and fabrics of all kind wear, stretch and lose form with heavy usage. Here are some tips to help care for your Smunchies:

🍩 Unravel and reform after each usage

🕶 Prolonged time in extreme heat & sunlight could potentially dry out the foam and color fade the fabric

☂️ Keep your Smunchie dry


For Ages 4+

🚫 👶🏽 Smunchies are a big kid accessory/wellness product. They are not meant for children under the age of 4.

🚫 🍬 Smunchies are not meant to be chewed on (not safety certified for this type of usage) or slept with due to risk of suffication.

🫢 Keep in mind if the interior foam components are exposed they could be considered a choking hazard for little ones.


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